Orange Blossom Park dba as Orange Blossom Fellowship Community (OBFC) is a ministry of The Churches of Christ in Christian Union with headquarters located in Circleville, Ohio.  Through OBFC, the denomination provides a unique service to its membership and people of other denominations within the holiness movement.

The Orange Blossom Fellowship Community is a family of believers with divergent backgrounds who aspire to common goals. In the Christian community, as in any family, varying viewpoints will arise. Mobile home lots and RV sites are offered on a monthly rental to anyone who is in harmony with the standards and goals of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union.

The staff and many residents live in the Community as a permanent home. Others live here only during the winter months. A few come for shorter periods of time, renting RV spots, available mobile homes, for several weeks or months.

The Orange Blossom Fellowship Community manages the property consisting of 86 lots, with paved streets, electricity, water, and sewer connections. Currently the Community consists of permanent housing and RV lots. We offer a clubhouse which offers a free lending library, workout room, free WIFI and more. 

While Orange Blossom Fellowship Community serves families of all ages, it is a place where many seniors retire to or come as "snowbirds." While here, residents can be as active as they choose. 

Many residents volunteer their time and talents for service which benefits OBFC, the local church and the larger community.  Our volunteers do an excellent job of keeping things operating and making life better for all who live here.

The Community is managed locally by a park administrator and an advisory board. The Southern District of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union retains oversight and provide supervision over the Community.

Spiritual Life

The Community Bible Church is located adjacent to the Community and is a member of the Southern District of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union, serving as the center of spiritual life for Community residents, community members and visitors.

The Senior Pastor and staff, with the assistance of many volunteers, provide a full and active ministry, including Bible-based preaching, children's and youth ministries, a vibrant missions emphasis, and an excellent music program. 

Facilities include a 300-seat sanctuary, classrooms for Christian education, and a spacious fellowship hall for fellowship.  OBFC and CBC work together in promoting programs and sharing facilities. An annual Winter in the Word Conference is held in January and a Mission's Conference in February, both sponsored by the church and supported by the Community. 

The Orange Blossom Fellowship Community continues to be a center for the promotion of Christian holiness.  In OBFC, this community of believers loves and serves God and enjoys Christian fellowship.

Welcome to Orange Blossom Fellowship Community!

Statement of Faith

The Bible

God speaks to us through the Bible. The Spirit of God guided the Bible writers so that they wrote without error. The Bible contains all we need to know about God, about ourselves, and about life here and hereafter. It contains the good news and the bad news.

The Bad News

Sin is two-fold:

1. Willful disobedience to God's known law.

2. The evil twist and corruption in human nature. So, all men, Christ excepted, are sinful by nature and sinners by practice, and therefore are in need of redemption since "the wages of sin is death."

The Good News

Salvation has been made possible by Christ's atoning death on the cross of Calvary. By His death and resurrection Christ has won a four-fold salvation for us:

1. Regeneration in which we are forgiven of all sins and baptized by the Spirit into the body of Christ.

2. Entire sanctification in which we are baptized with the Holy Spirit and cleansed from the carnal mind.

3. Growth in grace after sanctification in which we walk in new light as it is given and are made more and more like Jesus.

4. Immortality of body and soul.

Jesus Christ

He is one with the Father and with the Holy Spirit, but for our redemption He became Man. He was conceived by the Holy Ghost and born of the Virgin Mary. He was without sin. He died to save us, but arose from the dead and is now ascended to heaven where He is at the right hand of God, interceding for us. We look for His return in power and majesty to set up a millennial kingdom on earth. At the last He will judge the world in righteousness.

The Holy Spirit

He is one with the Father and the Son. He is a Person and is God's Agent in convicting and convincing sinners of sin. He regenerates believing sinners, and sanctifies consecrated Christians. He magnifies Christ in the lives of believers and energizes them to live victoriously.

The Ordinances

We believe that Christ and His apostles ordained two ordinances to be practiced by His Church: water baptism and the Lord's supper. We insist on no exclusive method or mode of baptism or of partaking the Lord's supper. Let each be fully persuaded in his own mind. These ordinances are outward symbols, teaching of the inner life, the faith, and the hope of believers.

The Church

The Church is more than a denomination and more than all the denominations. It is composed of true believers in Jesus Christ. Christ is the Head and the Husband of the Church. Believers should meet together in local assemblies for the worship of God and for Christian fellowship. The Church has been commissioned by Christ to take the gospel to every creature: it is therefore missionary.

The Lord's Day

We keep the first day of the week as the Lord's Day, or Sabbath, because Christ arose from the dead on the first day of the week. The early church kept this day in commemoration of God's finished plan of redemption. We should keep it as a day of rest and worship.

The Hereafter

The Bible teaches that believers shall spend eternity with Christ in a holy heaven with holy and happy surroundings. It also teaches that the wicked shall be judged and sentenced to an eternity in perdition.

Mission and Purpose Statement

- World Evangelism
- Discipling Believers
- Promoting Scriptural Holiness
- Establishing Churches and Ministries which reflect the spirit and practice of the New Testament Church